Super Soco teases new retro-inspired electric motorcycle with big range increase


Super Soco just released a new video showing a teaser of its upcoming retro-inspired electric motorcycle known as the TC Wanderer.

The Super Soco TC platform has served as parent company VMoto’s somewhat retro-styled low-cost electric motorcycle for years.

Now it seems Super Soco is planning to double down on the classic theme in an upcoming unveiling of the new TC Wanderer.

In the short teaser video, seen below, we can already spot an updated seat and lower bars. The rear hub motor is swapped for a new unit that replaces the previous 8-spoked design, though we don’t have any figures on potential power rating updates yet.

But what may be most interesting is what can be seen on the bike’s display.

The analog speedometer is spiffy, sure, but check out the LCD window to the right.

That’s where the TC model line displays the remaining range, and it reads 198 km in the video.

The battery also reports a 100% charge, so it would appear that the TC Wanderer is likely to sport a maximum range of 198 km (123 miles) on a full charge.

That would be a huge bump – over 50% – compared to the standard Super Soco TC that currently offers a maximum range of 126 km (78 mi) in the dual battery configuration, or 71 km (44 mi) in the single battery configuration.

The range increase would also fit the TC Wanderer’s name nicely. It might not be a touring bike yet, but you can do a lot more wandering with 50% more range.

So how did Super Soco do it? Did they manage to squeeze a third battery into the frame? It’s certainly possible; that rear hub motor leaves the frame completely open for batteries and electronics.

Or did the company switch to a new battery cell format or higher energy density cells?

Unfortunately we won’t know until Super Soco’s unveiling event, the Vmoto Soco World Première 2021. That’s when we’ll also get answers to our questions about Super Soco’s other upcoming reveal, the TS Street Hunter electric motorcycle.

We’ll also finally get answers to all of our other burning tech spec questions.

I don’t expect to see a major speed increase in the TC Wanderer. The standard TC is limited to just 45 km/h (28 mph) in much of Europe to qualify for reduced regulation and licensing requirements.

The TC Wanderer may sport a speedometer that reads up to 90 km/h (55 mph), but so does the existing neutered TC that we already have. But since it appears the TS Street Hunter will likely reach a speed of at least 75 km/h (46 mph), there’s still hope for a speed bump on the TC Wanderer as well, even if higher speed riding will severely cut into that new longer range.

It will also be interesting to see how Super Soco decides to price the TC Wanderer. The current Super Soco TC carries a price of around US$4,000 in Europe, making it one of the more affordable low-power electric motorcycles on the market. Though it is still a far cry from the most affordable light electric motorcycles in the US.

And now with new options for higher powered electric motorcycles hitting the market at prices in the same neighborhood, Super Soco could feel new pressure to fight for price leader status in the industry.

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