This standing electric scooter goes 0-50 mph in 4.8 seconds, and that’s not even its top speed


The Wolf King electric scooter from Voro Motors was recently announced, becoming one of the most high-power dual-sport electric scooters available in the US.

The Wolf King is an update to the Wolf Warrior electric scooter that we’ve previously reviewed.

The Wolf Warrior has long been known for its high-power design and high ground clearance.

Now the Wolf King electric is kicking things up several notches.

Powered by a pair of Voro Motors’ own 1,500W VM motors, the Wolf King is an all-wheel-drive 3,000W electric scooter. Voro Motors claims the scooter can ride up a 100% grade, equivalent to a 45-degree hill.

That extreme climbing ability is thanks to the scooter’s high peak power rating of over 6,000W. I know that number seems like it has an extra zero on it compared to many of the scooters we see every day, but the company made it clear that this is the real deal:

Up to 6,720 watts of pure power output. No, that’s not a typo.

I guess all of those watts are where the scooter’s 4.8-second 0-50 mph time comes from.

The top speed for the scooter is 60 mph (96 km/h) on its 11-inch street tires, though optional off-road tires slow the scooter down by about 4 mph.

A massive 72V 28Ah battery offers just over 2,000 Wh of capacity and a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge.

Hydraulic disc brakes combine with an electronic anti-lock braking system to slow the scooter down. For added safety, a pair of stem-mounted bright headlights are matched with deck-level headlights, deck running lights, and tail lights.

Comfort is provided by hydraulic suspension, including an inverted front fork more commonly seen on motorcycles than scooters.

The scooter is built around a rugged aluminum frame, as the company explained:

The first superscooter to set every performance record and has zero stem wobble. Every aspect of the Wolf King is designed in the pursuit of performance. Built around a 6082 aluminum frame that is forged by 1600 tons of vigorous pressure. From there, anything is possible.

The Wolf King of course has multiple ride modes and can even be set in single-motor operation, meaning riders aren’t forced to keep that 3,000W of power on tap at all times. Depending on local regulations, it’s probably a good idea to engage those power limits if you’ll be on public roads.

But when operating on private tracks, your own land or when off-roading, the high power is likely to be the biggest selling point of the new electric scooter.

When an upcoming 60 mph electric scooter racing league was first announced last year, we wondered what type of scooters would be used. While we still don’t have a word yet on the exact models, the Wolf King certainly represents the type of performance we’re likely to see in standing electric scooter racing.

The scooter does fold, but at 105 lb (46.5 kg) it is going to be tough to carry around by yourself.

wolf king

While the scooter carries an MSRP of $3,499, it is currently on sale at Voro Motors for $2,999. The scooter won’t start shipping until later this month though, so the company is currently only accepting a $100 deposit. The balance will be paid when the scooter is ready to ship.

While the specs on the Wolf King begin to border on the unbelievable, Voro Motors has a track record for delivering on their promises.

I called their bluff on the 62-mile (100 km) range rating on their E-Move Cruiser electric scooter last year. I spent nearly three hours riding the scooter in its highest power mode until the battery finally died. Around 64.5 miles (104 km) later on the side of the road with a fully depleted electric scooter, I was a true believer. Check out the range test video below.

So suffice it to say, when Voro Motors unveils something new or makes outrageous claims, I tend to believe them now.

Of course when it comes to fast electric scooters, I always recommend riding responsibly and suiting up appropriately. I usually wear my motorcycle riding gear including DOT helmet, crash jacket, armored pants, gloves, etc. These speeds on relatively small tires can be dangerous. While I do ride at these speeds occasionally, I generally find myself slowing down to the more reasonable 30’s to 40’s of mph, only gunning it in areas where I know the road and I’m far away from obstacles, cars, and pedestrians.

One of the biggest benefits of high-powered scooters like these isn’t just their top speed, but rather their high power for climbing off-road trails. Flying up a steep dirt trail on an electric scooter is a sensation that is nearly impossible to describe, but one I hope anyone who wants to can experience at least once. It’s like if you took Aladdin’s magic carpet off-roading for the day.

I certainly do not advise anyone to start on a fast scooter like this though. These scooters require significant experience. There are plenty of nice 25 mph (40 km/h) electric scooters out there for those who aren’t prepared for such high speeds.

But for the electric scooter daredevils among us, the new Wolf King is likely to scratch that itch nicely.

You can see the Wolf King in action in Voro Motors’ teaser video above.

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